World’s most strongest fan


World’s most strongest fan & World’s most powerful fan

Combination of sophisticated design and best materials available

Let’s see – in detail – what the product’s highlights. It all stems from a complete redefinition of the fan-turbine concept.

The combination of the new fan and longer barrel significantly increased the cannon’s range. The nozzles have also been improved, enabling better nucleation in low pressure conditions. This means that the machine is capable of producing great amounts of snow when the pressure is low, thus ensuring the best possible piste conditions.

The improved fan means lower sound emissions. This component was developed in collaboration with the famous Frauenhofer research institute, our priority being to obtain environmentally sustainable products, respectful of the surrounding flora and fauna.

These features – developed thanks to the efforts and know-how of our R&D department – have already been implemented in the Titan currently under production.

Titan 2.0: The world's most powerful fan gun.

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