World’s most strongest energy drink


World’s most strongest energy drink & World’s most powerful energy drink


Take a look at the Top 18 Strongest Energy Drinks that do their Job just right

18. Zipfizz Energy DrinkZipfizz Energy Drink

To start off our review is the incredible Zipfizz Energy drink founded in the year 2003. Zipfizz energy drink is a great option for anyone looking for a healthy drink that will give a great boost of energy when needed most. This drink is quite popular among athletes as it provides a healthy way to rehydrate.

Zipfizz is enhanced with a variety of healthy ingredients that aid its performance in the best way possible, they include Vitamins E, C, B12, B6, 100mg Caffeine, grape seed extract, green tea leaf extract, coffee bean extract and best of all electrolytes extracts such as calcium, potassium, and sodium.

Though it comes as a powdered drink mix which is a downside for some people, Zipfizz is without a doubt one of the best and strongest energy drinks in the market.

17. NOS, Nitrous Oxide SystemsNOS, Nitrous Oxide Systems

NOS is a strong energy drink notable for its strong boost of energy, it is mostly popular among athletes and sportsman. With a high caffeine content of 160mg of caffeine, NOS certainly fits to be in this review.

NOS is available in a variety of flavors to appeal its vast customer audience plus there is also a sugar-free option of this energy drink for people on a diet or those with high blood sugar level.

16. Xyience Xenergy DrinkXyience Xenergy Drink

This is a strong energy drink offering just the right amount of boost of energy and best of all it contains zero sugar and zero calories.

Xtience Xenergy is packed with a high caffeine content of 176 mg per serving.

This amazing energy drink is endowed with a high dose of energy boosting ingredients blended wonderfully into this mixture for maximum performance. Though this product is quite expensive, it certainly offers value for what it’s worth.

15. Cyto Sport Fast Twitch RTDCyto Sport Fast Twitch RTD

Made by CytoSport (a large and reputable manufacturing company for healthy products and supplements) Cyto Sport Fast Twitch RTD, is one of the most prominent energy drinks available in the market.

This energy drink is a great option for weightlifters or anyone looking for a strong kick of energy as it is affordable, effective and most of all innovative and unique from other energy drinks in the market.

Its effectiveness comes from its blend of quality and healthy ingredients including 200mg caffeine, and other powerful stimulants. Cyto Sport has outdone themselves in creating great flavors of this drink however, they are available in only two flavors.

14. 5-Hour Energy5-Hour Energy

Since its debut in 2005, 5-Hour energy is one of the most popular energy drink available in nearly all convenience stores in the country. Though it’s quite small in size, this energy drink has the ability to knock some great amount of energy into anyone who takes a sip of it as well as improving alertness and concentration.

Each shot of the 5-Hour Energy contains an infusion of taurine, glucuronic acid, L-phenylalanine, L-tyrosine, Malic acid and Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, and best of all, 200 mg caffeine.

Overall, the 5-Hour drink does what is designed to do best- offer a great energy best, what we like most about the 5-Hour energy drink is its taste and that it requires no refrigeration.

13. Rockstar Zero Carb Energy DrinkRockstar Zero Carb Energy Drink

Launched in the market in 2001, this potent energy drink is one of the most versatile drinks on the planet. Rockstar comes in 16-ounce cans of about every flavor you can imagine.

Most people like the fact that RockStar comes in a can of 280 calories and one that is designed to suit dieters too packed with only 20 calories and zero sugar. This energizing drink is a concoction of various energy boost ingredients designed to provide a great kick of energy from a variety of proven and healthy ingredients which it does wonderfully. Although Rockstar leans towards the expensive side it is worth it.

12. Monster Energy DrinkMonster Energy Drink

Making its debut in the market in 2002, this ultra-popular energy drink is accessible, affordable, has a delicious taste and best of all it’s highly energizing. Packed with a robust combination of 160 mg of caffeine, among other high-quality energy boosting ingredients.

Monster energy drink offers the perfect balance of taste and energy to improve concentration and alertness plus give you the kick of energy you need to be more productive. Monster energy drinks come in two types, one with sugar and one without to suit everyone.

Furthermore, owing to its success and popularity growth all over the world, today, Monster produces over two dozen varieties of energy drinks available.

11. Red Bull Energy DrinkRed Bull Energy Drink

This list could not be complete without the legendary Red Bull in it. This popular slender, blue and silver, 8-ounce can pack a powerful punch. Endlessly copied by competitors who come and go, Red Bull remains the original Australian energy drink.

Red Bull is a true legend energy drink; with a potent energy blend of high-quality ingredients, including 80mg of caffeine, B-vitamins, 0.4 percent taurine, this drink offers you the boost you need to stay energetic and productive throughout your day. In fact, Red Bull “Claims to give wings” by improving alertness and concentration.

Being one of the best-selling energy drinks in the world, Red Bull has a taste that is quite hard to describe but people all over the world seem to love its unique and delicious flavor. There are several varieties made by this company

10. CoMotion Energy DrinkCoMotion Energy Drink

CoMotion Energy Drink is the best way to boost your energy to a high level in a healthy way. Thanks to its unique blend of potent performance accelerators and with extra caffeine compared to other energy drinks in the market.

CoMotion has the ability to boost mental focus and physical performances with the absence of energy crash after a few hours of its consumption.

This energy drink was invented to combat stress as well as improve the body’s natural defenses through its one of a kind blend of adaptogens and antioxidants.

9. Speed Shot IntensitySpeed Shot Intensity

Though this concentrated Energy Supplement may come in at a small size, do not be fooled to think it’s not effective. Contrary to its size, this concoction packs a great deal of energy boosting power in it.

This energy drink is packed with a variety of robust performance accelerants blended together to offer a slam-able shockwave of energy intensity before any workout (take 30 minutes before workout for maximum effect).

Other than that, Speed Shot uses a powerful proprietary blend named Thermotach and 250mg caffeine in each bottle for that instant rush of energy.

8. Red Line PrincessRed Line Princess

The Red Line energy drink is marketed as a female energy boosting supplement in the fitness industry.

Thanks to its powerful stimulant ingredients and high levels of caffeine (250mg a bottle), Red Line Princess energy drink has the ability enhance mood, improve performance as well as suppress appetite something not present in other Redline Energy Drinks.

This feminine energy drink is without one of the strongest not to mention the best energy drink in the market, and the best part is that this energy drink comes in a delicious fruity flavor.

7. Cocaine Energy DrinkCocaine Energy Drink

Hailing from Redux Beverages Cocaine Energy Drink is infused with a whopping 280mg of caffeine making this 33mg per each serving. Endowed with high levels of caffeine in it Cocaine Energy Drink is only recommended for adults, this drink claims that it is 350% stronger than Red Bull (the most popular energy drink in the world) and true to its word it is quite strong.

Though this energy drink has spawned quite a controversy due to its name, it takes up a high tier as one of the best and strongest energy drink in the market with a fair share of customers.

6. Ripped Hardcore LiquidRipped Hardcore Liquid

Hailing from Europe comes another strong and powerful energy drink ideal for bodybuilders. This product contains a large dose of caffeine (300mg per bottle) among other potent ingredients which are strong enough to stimulate high levels of energy in a person.

Great care should, therefore, be taken and not more than one can of this energy drink should be consumed in a day. Moreover, Ripped Hardcore Energy Drink comes in an array of delicious flavors one can enjoy.

5. BangBang

Coming in with 300mg of caffeine, Bang is a workout type energy drink ideal for athletes, weight builders and anyone looking for a strong kick of energy!

Bang is marketed as both an energy stimulator as well as a fat loss aid drink. The best part about this strong energy drink is that it comes in a variety of flavors to choose from not to mention it is sugar-free and sweetened with natural sweeteners hence, a perfect option for anyone on a diet.

4. Wired X344Wired X344

Wired X344 is one of the highest caffeinated beverages on the planet and one of the strongest energy drinks ever made.

A can of Wired X344 contains 344mg of caffeine among other energy kicking ingredients. This energy drink is designed to get one energized and productive to their optimum

3. Spike HardCoreSpike HardCore

SPIKE Shooter Energy Drink is one of the strongest energy drinks in the world designed to offer a great kick of energy. This product is a blend of potent stimulants and contains 350 mg of caffeine per can.

Doctors recommend that one should not exceed consumption of one can a day as it could be a great risk to one’s health. Overall, this is a product for anyone looking for a massive boost of energy to be more productive.

2. Rage Inferno Energy DrinkRage Inferno Energy Drink

The Rage Inferno Energy Drink simply put, is an iconic strong and powerful energy drink guaranteed to automatically light the fire.

This energy drink comes with an explosive taste that is not for everyone. This wild drink is designed to do the trick and fire up some energy which it does wonderfully.

Packed with a high-quality list of healthy ingredients of 375 mg of the good stuff including a large dose of caffeine to get you started.

And the Strongest Energy Drink in the world is…

1. Redline Xtreme Energy DrinkRedline Xtreme Energy Drink

VPX Redline Energy Drink is certainly heads above the rest, the most powerful and strongest energy drink in the world. This drink was invented mostly for body builders and is a blend of some of the strongest energy giving ingredients in the world.

Redline is not just powerful due to the high levels of caffeine (316 mg) in it but because of all the synergistic effects offered by the 350mg blend of ingredients.

Veritably, doctors recommend only half a can of this energy drink at a time given how powerful this energy drink is. On the bright side, there are a variety of flavors and some have less caffeine content than others.

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