World’s most strongest drone


World’s most strongest drone & World’s most powerful drone


Lehmann GoPro Personal UAV 1 7 High Tech Drones For Sale Today

Few drones for sale today come in as complete a package as the new Lehmann GoPro Personal UAV.  It doesn’t require a sophisticated launch system, it works with consumer-oriented GoPro HD cameras and a new hobbyist can use one without lengthy instruction.

The Lehmann Aviation LA100 drone is a flying wing aircraft that can carry a GoPro camera up to 300 feet in the air for 5-minute, automated flights.  It doesn’t require ground control, it can be simply launched by hand and it will fly on a pre-determined pattern before returning safely to land with video and still images from flight.  While its ~$1,300 price (without GoPro camera) may seem steep, it’s an ideal introduction for the serious drone hobbyist.

Parrot AR Drone 2.0

Parrot AR Drone 2.0


The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 is the most popular drone system in the world, seen everywhere from shopping malls to schools and almost everywhere in between.  These French-made drone gadgets are controlled by an Android or IOS device and take flight with a quadcopter power system.  They haul their own camera system and fly with a protective hull as needed, indoors or outdoors.

On a single charge, the AR Drone 2.0 can fly for 12 minutes with a ceiling of 185 feet.  They sell for $299 new at Amazon, making them the most affordable ready-to-fly introduction to the drone world today.

Penguin B UAV Drone

Penguin B UAV 5

This drone is about the closest thing one can get to a military-grade UAV as a civilian consumer.  The Penguin B UAV Drone is an incredible piece of machinery that has flown unmanned flights for a record 54.5 hours without touching down.  It is launched from a roof-mounted car system, controlled by an advanced computer-connected console and can be used for an array of peaceful practices.

This rear-engine UAV drone can be purchased for a starting price of $16,400 before adding an array of upgrades and payload components.  Using one of these may involve plenty of legal and licensing hoops to hop through, but it would give you one of the most powerful drone systems available for non-military buyers.

Aibotix Aibot X6 UAV Drone


Aibotix Aibot X6 1

This German-made multicopter drone has some serious might to it, enough to carry a Nikon or Canon DSLR for high resolution video and stills.  The Aibotix Aibot X6 merges autonomous flight technology with ground control systems, providing an easy-to-use platform for hobbyists and commercial pilots.

“Using elements of Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing Software combined with special sensors, the multicopter Aibot X6 guarantees collission protection, crash safety and easy operation. Take-off and landing are fully automated.”

Think of it like a Parrot AR Drone on steroids, using AI technology to make flying easy with your high-def payload.

senseFly Swinglet Cam UAV Drone

senseFly Swinglet Cam 1

The people behind the Parrot AR Drone have created a new option for the commercial class, the senseFly Swinglet Cam UAV Drone.  This system uses a similar flying-wing design like the Lehmann LA100, but does so with extended flight times and higher resolution image systems.  The Swinglet Cam can fly for up to 30 minutes per charge, using a 16MP high resolution camera to capture still images and video for private industry.

It is rumored to sell for $12,000 through senseFly’s retail partners, although it will be tough to find in the US.  There are retailers in Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, but getting one direct in the States might be a challenge.

Droidworx Skyjib Airframe

Droidworx Skyjib Airframe 5

We’ve seen four blades, we’ve seen six blades– hell, why not eight?  The Droidworx Skyjib Airframe uses an octacopter system to carry a high-resolution payload for photographers and cinematographers alike.  The creative class uses the Skyjib to haul Canon 5D MKIII DSLRs and RED Epic cinema cameras to capture video for TV, documentaries, sports and more.  It is meticulous in construction, a powerful drone used for the most peaceful purpose possible– making movie magic.

Gatewing X100 UAV Drone

Gatewing X100 UAV 1

The Gatewing X100 UAV Drone has been a go-to drone for the commercial mapping industry for some time.  While it is priced out of the range of hobbyists (the rumors suggest around $40k per unit), it presents the best performance from a flying-wing system available to non-military users.  It can fly for up to 45 minutes per charge while carrying a 10MP imaging system.  It can handle rough weather, flying safely through gusts up to 40mph.  It launches from a ground rail system and feeds data back to a control console located nearby.

The Gatewing may have become a standard for unmanned drones for industry, but products like the Lehmann LA100 and the senseFly Cam are pushing the price for this technology closer to earth.

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