World’s most strongest zoom binoculars


World’s most strongest zoom binoculars & World’s most powerful zoom binoculars

World’s Most Powerful Binocular

bt-100-45fullThere’s a very good reason why the world’s most powerful binoculars are 24″ long and weigh 28 lbs. The picture below shows an Oberwerk BT-100-45, with one side of the binocular disassembled to the major sub-assemblies, and the other side disassembled to the individual components. This is what it takes to build a binocular that is truly capable of extreme magnification, with the combination of image clarity AND precise alignment that is required to provide high-quality viewing. The optical glass used in the lenses and prisms alone totals 7 pounds!
There are other binoculars on the market that claim impossibly-high magnifications (from 70x to 180x!), typically using 70mm or 80mm objectives in lightweight bodies. This is pure marketing hype, the fact is these plastic wonders are not serious optical instruments, regardless of brand or cost. There are simply no shortcuts to good image quality at extreme magnification- it takes 28 pounds of aluminum and glass to achieve this goal. This is why we rightfully claim that Oberwerk Long-Range Observation Binoculars and Binocular Telescopes are the World’s Most Powerful Binoculars. Period.


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