World’s most strongest shotgun


World’s most strongest shotgun & World’s most powerful shotgun

Here are 10 versatile hunting shotguns that can do more than one job..

10 Mossberg 930

top 10 shotgun in the world

top 10 shotgun in the world – Mossberg 930

It’s a shotgun with semi-automatic feature and has 12 gauges. The design was given by O.F Mossberg & Sons. The purpose of the gun was to be used by skeet- shooters and hunters. It originated in America and has a length of 39in-48.5in, weight depends on the model selected and barrel length is 18.5-28in.

It is gas operated, meaning hot gases produced by burning gunpowder helps pushing a pistol by which action the operated, spent hull is ejected and fresh shell is chambered. The recoil a shooter feels is also reduced by the gas action. At the rear of receiver, it has an ambidextrous safety similar to other shotguns by Mossberg. It has an effective shooting range of 40m and can take up to 5-9 rounds. The sight is either ghost ring or front bead. The gun can take a 2 ¾ in or 3 in shell.

9 Beretta Xtrema2

top 10 shotgun in the world

top 10 shotgun in the world – Beretta Xtrema2

It’s a semi automatic gun manufactured by Beretta and originated in Italy. The main users are target shooters and hunters and are normally from United States. The gun is commonly known just as Xtrema2 and is found a varieties depending on camouflage exterior installed by the factory, barrel length and barrel type. The gun has a length of 44.75-50.25 in, barrel length of 26-28in in smoothbore and 24in in rifled slug and weights around 8 pounds.

The cost of the gun is estimated to be $1400- Black Synthetic and $1600- Camo Synthetic. It has 12 gauge shotgun with 3 ½ in magnum. The gun has a firing range of 175 meters and take up to 2-11 rounds at a time. The sight is of Brass bead. The gun got released in 2004 and designed to enhance reliability and accuracy. This gun uses action of gas to push and has a barrel design which is over bored.

8 Baikal MP- 153

top 10 shotgun in the world

top 10 shotgun in the world – Baikal MP- 153

It is shotgun that is gas operated with semi automatic features. It originated in Russia and produced by Izhevsk Mechanical Plant. It has a fixed choke with a cylinder, full variants or modified, or cylinder with chokes having screw, improved cylinder, improved modified, modified, extra full or full variants are available. The gun has length of 1250 millimeter with barrel of 750 millimeter; barrel has length of 610 millimeter- 750 millimeter and weighs up to 3.45kgs with Woodstock and 3.5kg with polymer stock.

It was designed by Alexander U. Dorf, Chief Designer in the year 1997 and 1999. It was manufactured in 2001 and 500,000 pieces were produced till 2011. The variants include wood, Polymer black and polymer camo. The gun normally has 3-4 chokes along with its multi variant choke, to duplicate a choke extractor there is a spanner and screw adjustor for gas. The screws placed in choke are steel or lead proofed. It has 12 gauge and take up to 3-5 rounds at one go.

7 Winchester Model 1200

top 10 shotgun in the world

top 10 shotgun in the world – Winchester Model 1200

The model 1200 and 1300 are pump-action guns produced by Winchester- western branch, which is Olin Corporations branch. It comes with a 12, 16 & 20 gauge. The version used by military can be fixed with a bayonet at the barrels end, which comes handy during a close combat. The gun weighs up to 2.9kgs and feed system of 1-6 shot shell tubular magazine.

The gun was originally produced as low cost option for Model 12 in 1964. A small number of these guns were bought by United States in 1968 & 1969. The gun was mainly used in wars like Darfur conflict and Vietnam War. The length of the barrel is 30in and chokes with a length of 28in. It is a manually operated gun with a slide action or pump-action. The slide or fore-end is situated on the lower side and moves from front to the back. The countries using it are Peru, Czech Republic, United States and Russia.

6 Vepr-12

top 10 shotgun in the world

top 10 shotgun in the world – Vepr-12

It is a semi-automatic multi-purpose shotgun with a detachable magazine. It is manufactured by Molot- Oruzhie Ltd. Its pattern is similar to Kalahnikov rifle by was built on RPK light machine gun receiver which was comparatively heavier. It originated from Russia in 2003 and comes with 4 variants. The gun weighs 4.2kg- 4.55kg, length of 867- 1227mm, width of 75mm and height of 290mm.

It is a direct competitor of Saiga-12, which was also produced by Izhmash. Vepr-12 just like Saiga-12, it was designed as a versatile weapon and could be used by professional shooters and hunters alike. With several considerations, it had unique features like safety sector, mechanism of hold-open for bolt and has a simplified mechanism of magazine feeding. It is exported all around the world. The ownership of the gun in Russia just requires a Smooth-bore license of gun. The imported in the United States doesn’t have a muzzle brake and folding stock instead of fixed stock. The import of weapons was stopped in 2014 from Russia to America due to the tension between the two countries.

5 Cynergy Shotgun

top 10 shotgun in the world

top 10 shotgun in the world – Cynergy Shotgun

It is a under and over shotgun, which was one of its kind as it departed from criteria of basic design and was associated with under and overs since 20th century. It was a design formed by Browning in the year 2004. Another line of under and over shot guns by the same company are Browning Citori and both the designs are manufactured in kochi, Japan at Miroku Firearms.

Cynergy has a trigger system based on rifles with a reverse striker feature. This mechanism reveres the impact force direction from spring to firing pin. The design has a benefit of less locktime. Its Monolock hinge design helps to create receivers with lower profiles. The system includes locking system and hinge.

4 Browning Auto-5

top 10 shotgun in the world

top 10 shotgun in the world – Browning Auto-5

Also known as browning Automatic-5 or Auto-5 or just A-5, is semi-automatic gun with recoil operator. The gun was designed by John Browning and manufactured by various firearm companies like Browning Arms, Remington Arms, Savage Arms, Fabrique Nationale Herstal and Miroku Corp. The gun weighs 4.1kgs with a length of 127cm and barrel length of 71.1cm. It comes in cartridge of 12, 16 and 20 gauge. The feeding system comes with 3 or 5 round magazine in tubular form.

A-5 was the 1st semi-automatic gun design and was produced until 1998. The name was kept as Auto-5 as it was an auto loader with 5 round capacity, 4 in magazine and 1 in chamber. It was also called a humpback due to its rear end being high. It was predominantly produced with 12 and 20 gauge but 16 gauge designs were also produced. The gun was widely used all round the world during Vietnam War and World War I.

3 Remington Model 887

top 10 shotgun in the world

top 10 shotgun in the world – Remington Model 887

Remington Model 887 Nitro Mag is Remington Arms Company, Inc.’s production. It operates as a pump-action gun and has a polymer finish known as ArmorLokt. This type of design can sustain any weather type and leaves no rust on the exterior surfaces. The most defining feature of the gun is its “space age” look. The gun weighs approx 7.375 pounds with a length of 48.5 in and barrels of 28in.  The feed system has magazine of internal tube with 4+1 rounds and 7+1 rounds for tactical model.

It has a 3 ½ magnum shell and is in competition with Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag. The look of the gun is many times compared with Benelli Nova. It originated in America and was produced from 2009-2015. The variants are Nitro Mag Waterfowl, RealTree Camo waterfowl and Nitro Magnum Tactical. It has a 12 gauge cartridge with front bead Hi-Vitz LitePipe or polymer mid bead for sight.

2 SRM Arms Model 1216

top 10 shotgun in the world

top 10 shotgun in the world – SRM Arms Model 1216

It is a semi-automatic gun with detachable magazine with 16 rounds. The design is mobile, light in weight and can be used for law enforcement and home defense. It originated in United States and has a cost of $2400-$2700. The gun has a length of 32.5in, weight of 3.29kgs and barrel length of 18in. The cartridge has 12 gauges with delayed blowback action and detachable magazine of quad-tube with 16 rounds. The sight for optics has Picatinny Rails.

The detachable magazine is its most distinctive feature as it has 4 tubes that run along the barrel with follower and spring of its own. All tube can have 2 ¾ in or 3in shells each with a total of 16. The magazines can be manually rotated and can be chosen by the operator as to which tube to feed. The gun has a polymer stock which reduces weight and upper receiver of steel. The charging handle, ejection port and manual safety are removable and can be placed on either side as convenient to the operator.

1 Kel- Tec-KSG

top 10 shotgun in the world

top 10 shotgun in the world – Kel- Tec-KSG

It is a pump-action gun with 12 bullpup guage and was designed by Kel-Tec. The magazine has two tubes and can be switched manually by the operator. The tubes can hold seven 2.75in 12 gauge shot shells or six 3inch shot shells. It originated in America with a price of $990 and was produced since 2011- present.  The variants available are patrol and Tactical. The gun weighs 3.1kg, has length of 66cm, height 18cm and Barrel length of 47cm.

The large ejection ports help in loading the rounds and are situated at the bottom behind pistol grip and the empty come out through the same port. The main users of the gun are South Korea and France. An upgrade to the original was made with some issue being found in the first one and the improvements didn’t cost anything extra.

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