World’s most strongest Nerf gun


World’s most strongest Nerf gun & What Is the Best (Most Powerful) Nerf Gun?

Anyone who’s ever had a NERF battle knows there aren’t enough darts on the face of the planet to get you through without having to scavenge on the floor at least once for a desperate reload.

Trouble is, Hasbro isn’t overly generous with the initial supply of darts with most of its NERF blasters, so make sure you factor into your budget that you’ll need an extra pack for each gun. Maybe go for two packs with a higher-capacity full-auto rifle such as the Elite Hyperfire.

Currently there are five different types of official NERF ammo to choose from. The standard NERF dart is a small, rubber-tipped foam cylinder that these days is sold under the Elite, Zombie Strike or Doomlands branding – all identical except for their colours. The newer AccuStrike darts are compatible with all standard NERFs, but promise increased accuracy from an improved tip design.

Then there’s the Mega dart, which is a bit bigger and makes a satisfying whistling noise as it flies through the air. Don’t expect quite the accuracy you get from the standard dart, but Mega weaponry is darn good fun.

The Missile is larger still, but only used as a secondary one-shot ammo type by certain NERF blaster models, such as the Elite Demolisher.

More serious are the foam balls used by NERF’s Rival range, aimed at ages 14 and up. This spherical Rival ammo, which looks like little yellow golf balls, is designed to be fired at higher velocities and with more precision.

NERF Elite Jolt
  • Price – £5.99
  • 1-dart capacity
  • 2 Elite darts in the box

Yes, it’s a NERF pistol for around a fiver. Don’t be deceived by this single-shot, manual-powered blaster. This is most certainly one for your undercover arsenal, when the ammo in all your bigger blasters has been spent. The Jolt punches well above its weight in both the distance it shoots and in its power.

But it only holds one dart, so you’d better have good aim. For extra fun, go head to head, one dart each, in a Man With The Golden Gun style.

At time of review the NERF Elite Jolt Blaster was available for £5.99.

NERF Elite Disruptor

NERF Elite Disruptor
  • Price – £12.99
  • 6-dart capacity
  • 6 Elite darts in the box

A superb six-dart shooter that’s an upgrade to the popular Strongarm model, fully loadable from the front without the need for the Strongarm’s swing-out cylinder. Load up with darts, and with the manual, rapid-fire “Slam Fire” action enabler, you can pump up and let rip in seconds. This blaster also features a tactical rail so you can add other items from the NERF range to it.

NERF Elite Stryfe
  • 6-dart capacity (magazine)
  • Semi-automatic
  • Requires 4x AA batteries

The Stryfe has been a long-standing favourite of both casual NERFers and the foam-dart hardcore. Straight from the box you get a compact, submachine-gun-like blaster with semi-automatic dart delivery via a motordrive that takes common (and cheap) AA batteries, and is fed by a six-shot removable magazine.

But it’s the upgrade potential and versatility that have led to the Stryfe gaining its legendary status. There are barrel and butt fittings, so you can choose from the array of aftermarket shoulder-stock and barrel-extension options, plus there are accessory rails top and bottom for fitting grips, sights, lights or whatever else you fancy. And, of course, you can swap out the mag for a higher-capacity version.

At time of review the NERF Elite Stryfe was available for £19.99

NERF Elite Crossbolt

NERF Elite Crossbolt
  • Authentic crossbow action
  • 12-dart capacity (magazine)
  • 12 Elite darts in the box

Let’s get medieval, yo. The Crossbolt doesn’t use the usual NERF method of a spring to compress air for firing; instead it has proper working crossbow arms and an elasticated string to pop the darts up the barrel.

Shooting it out of the Dark Ages, though, is a generous 12-shot magazine, so a new dart gets loaded every time you pull the slide back. Two separate jam doors will make sure you keep the Crossbolt running smoothly in the heat of battle.

At time of review the NERF Elite Crossbolt was available for £29.99.


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