World’s most strongest jet ski


World’s most strongest jet ski & The 10 Fastest Jet Skis in the World


10. Seadoo GTX 215


The Seadoo GTX 215 is a powerful luxury jet ski. This jet ski features iBR, iTC with the acclaimed ECO mode and speed options of cruise and slow modes. It also has a fuel consumption display and VTS. There is a plush custom touring seat, as well as hinged seat and fold down reboarding step. The steering is equipped with a digital infocenter and can be tilted. Users can also take advantage of the glove box and a watertight removable storage bin. This fuel efficient jet ski can comfortably accommodate three people.

9. Seadoo GTI 130


The Seadoo GTI 130 is an entry level jet ski that can seat up to three people. It is one of the best and fastest jet skis around especially for new users. It is easy to use as you can easily learn the jet ski’s Intelligent Brake and Reverse System. As a result of this unique system from Seadoo, a user can throttle, shift out of neutral and even reverse easily without losing any precision control.

8. Honda Aquatrax R-12X


The Honda Aquatrax R-12X is probably one of the most powerful jet skis with two seats in the market. The hull of this ride is quite small, especially if you compare it with the hulls of other jet skis being manufactured by Honda. The small size makes maneuverability easy. Think of this jet ski as a muscle car on water that can handle turns and angles extremely well.

7. Kawasaki 800 SX-R


The Kawasaki 800 SX-R may not be as easy to handle as other jet skis because it is meant to be ridden while standing up. Thus, a tremendous skill of driving is required for this jet ski. It is very aggressive especially in the turns. The engine is quite powerful as it is powered by a 781 cc dual cylinder and two-stroke machine. It definitely has a lot of power, but once you garner enough experience and get the hang of it, the Kawasaki 800 SX-R is actually quite easy to handle and control.

6. Seadoo RXT-X

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The Seadoo RXT-X can seat up to three people. This is Seadoo’s entry in the high performance market. It is especially designed to allow for racing in the open sea. As it is meant for the more advanced rider, Seadoo has left a lot of leeway for the user to customize the stiffness of the suspension, depending on his preference. This jet ski provides a good combination of both power and handling, with the performance subject to further improvement depending on how much the user tweaks the machine and suspension.

5. Yamaha Waverunner FZ R


The Yamaha Waverunner FZ R can accommodate two people. This is a very aggressive jet ski made for the advanced user. To be able to use it, one must possess the requisite skill and athleticism to do stand-up driving. This is also for the purist as it does not possess any of the state of the art gadgets that can be found in other models. It is actually capable of producing only up to 211 horsepower, but it has the ability to accelerate quite quickly and can easily reach a speed of 65 miles per hour. It is very agile and can move very fast.

4. Yamaha Waverunner VX R


The Yamaha Waverunner VX R is designed to do the basic things; to move with agility and to go at a very fast rate. Like the Yamaha Waverunner FZ R, it does not have any of the luxury items attached to other jet skis. This barebones model can actually go at more than 65 miles per hour. It is also probably one of the least expensive among all the fast jet skis on the market.

3. Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO


The Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO is the flagship model of the entire line of Yamaha jet skis. This is a very powerful jet ski as it is equipped with an 1,812 cc engine, probably the largest displacement engine found on a jet ski.For all its power and might, the Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO is actually very fuel efficient. Another advantage is that it runs on unleaded fuel, the only one among the high end four stroke jet skis. From the petrol alone the user will surely get a lot of savings.

2. Kawasaki 300 LX Ultra Jet Ski


The Kawasaki 300 LX Ultra Jet Ski can accommodate up to three people. The huge, ninja-inspired marine engine is capable of producing up to 300 horsepower. Just like the rest of the Kawasaki line, the Kawasaki 300 LX jet ski is outfitted with state of the art gadgets and modern technology, thus underscoring the company’s tradition of combining luxury with performance. To push the level of its performance even more, the engine is provided a big boost by the Eaton Twin Vortices Supercharger. The hook up and acceleration of this ride is simply phenomenal.


1. HSR Benelli Series-R Race Edition


While Kawasaki has been advertising the 300 LX Ultra Jet Ski and Ultra 300 X as the fastest jet skis on the planet, that distinction actually goes to the HSR Benelli Series-R Race Edition. This jet ski combines performance, handling and style. It is often referred to as the Ducati of the jet ski world. It has a 2,260 cc, V6 four-stroke engine capable of producing up to 342 horsepower. This was made by combining two 1130 cc in-line three-cylinder engines that were lifted from HSR Benelli’s other model, the Tornado 1130 Superbike. It is equipped with a dashboard with integrated RFID function. It also has adjustable sponsons and a hydraulic trim. Even the color evokes the color of Ducati as it has red, silver, carbon and black trims. It can carry up to three people with a total unladen weight of 328 kilograms. This is one of the most exclusive personal watercraft in the planet today.


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