World’s most strongest element


World’s most strongest element & What Are the Top 10 Strongest Metals on Earth?

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10 Tantalum

Top 10 Strongest Metals in the World
Top 10 Strongest Metals in the World—Photo via

On number 10 is Tantalum. Tantalum is one of the strongest metals on the Earth. In the year 1802, this super strong metal was discovered. This metal is commonly used in the manufactures of capacitors, tantalum electrolytic capacitors, resistors and surface layer of the oxide dielectric. It is also used in the manufacture of the day to day products including mobile phones, automotive electronics, Personal Computers and many other such things.

The symbol of Tantalum is Ta. Its atomic number is 73. The boiling and melting point of this strong metal are 5,457 degree Celsius and 3, 020 degree Celsius respectively.

9 Osmium

Top 10 Strongest Metals in the World
Osmium–Photo via

Osmium is also a metal which is loaded with very high strength. It has numerous applications and is brought is use in many things that we use in our day to day life like tips of fountain pen.

Osmium is a bluish white metal. It makes an essential part of many alloys. It is mainly used in alloys that are used to manufacture fountain pen tips, needles as well as electrical contacts.

This metal also has a wide application in medical field. It is used in the manufacture of medical equipments like replacements of heart valves and pacemakers. An alloy made up of 90 percent platinum and 10 percent osmium is used in making these medical equipments.

The melting point of osmium is 3030 degree Celsius.

8 Zirconium

Top 10 Strongest Metals in the World
Zirconium–Photo via

On number 8 is Zirconium. It was discovered by Martin Heinrich Klaproth in the year 1789. It is also touted among the strongest metals available on the Earth. The name zirconium is derived from zargun, a Persian word.

There are many leading industries that bring is use this high- on strength metal. It possesses a great amount of lustre and is grey- white in colour. It is used as an alloying agent, opacifier and refractory. It is used in many industries including aeronautic industry, metal industry, space industry, nuclear industry and many more to mention. It is also used in emission tomography position cameras.

Zirconium has wide application in medical industry. It is used in the diagnosis of chronic kidney ailments and in dialysis. It is also used in the field of dentistry where it is used to make crowns.

7 Lutetium

Top 10 Strongest Metals in the World
Lutetium–Photo via Wikipedia

Lutetium is found in abundance but, it is a very hard task to separate Lutetium from other metals. It is found throughout the Earth.

It has a wide range of applications like in refiners and petroleum fractions. It is used in various processes like polymerization, hydrogenation and alkylation. The atomic number of Lutetium is 71 and the symbol is Lu.

The numerous applications also make this metal one of the most expensive metals. The leading producers of Lutetium include the United States of America, Australia, China, Brazil, Sri Lanka and India.

6 Vanadium

Top 10 Strongest Metals in the World
Vanadium–Photo via Wikipedia

On number 6 comes Vanadium. It is strong and has atomic number 23. It is represented by symbol V. It was discovered by Andres Manuel in the year 1801. China and Russia are the leading producers of Vanadium.

It is naturally available in 65 various minerals. It is also available in fossil fuel deposits.

This metal is gray harder silver metal. It is used in ferrovanadium, nitrides, carbides, steel, powder metallurgy and many other applications. It is also used for coating as well as superconducting magnets.

The melting point of Vanadium is 1, 910 degree Celsius.

5 Iron

Top 10 Strongest Metals in the World
Iron–Photo via

Iron is one of the most widely used metals in the whole world. It is one of the most abundantly found elements on the Earth. It forms a major portion of the outer as well as the inner core of the Earth. It has truckloads of applications and is used in almost every industry. It is also used in household things. It bears very high strength.

The symbol of iron is Fe. The atomic mass of this strong metal is 55, 845 ± 0,002 u. It has boiling point of 2, 862 degree Celsius and melting point of 1, 538 degree Celsius.

Iron is found in many parts of the world. The strength of this metal makes it apt for a lot of applications. It is used in large factories, automobiles, infrastructures, skyscrapers, furniture, utensils, architecture, medical field and many other things.

It has many properties that make it an apt metal for application is all the areas.

4 Titanium

Top 10 Strongest Metals in the World
Titanium–Photo via

On number 4 is Titanium. It is silver in colour and possesses high amount of strength but, very low density. It comes with the strength of 434 Mpa. The properties of Titanium make it the metal of choice for industrial use. In its purest form, Titanium is even stronger than steel.

It is used in pigments, coatings, additives and many such things. It is also used in manufacture of parts of aircraft and military equipment. It has many applications in industries.

The symbol and atomic number of titanium is Ti and 22 respectively. Its melting point is 1,668 degree Celsius and the boiling point is 3, 287 degree Celsius.

3 Chromium

Top 10 Strongest Metals in the World
Chromium–Photo via

This hard silvery metal is on number 3 in the list of top 10 strongest metals in the world. It is blue in colour and has very high strength.

It is used in alloy with stainless steel. It makes silvery alloy that are very hard and strong. It has n number of applications and the credit goes to the high strength that Chromium possesses.

Chromium is used in chrome plating, dye production, tanning, in production of pigments, as mordants and wood preservers.

The most noted property of Chromium is its magnetic property. It is one and the only elemental solid that as antiferromagnetic properties at a room temperature and sometimes below the room temperature. When subject to a temperature above 38 degree Celsius, it turns to paramagnetic. This property makes this metal a very distinctive one.

The melting point of this strong metal is 1890 degree Celsius.

2 Steel

Top 10 Strongest Metals in the World
Round steel bars isolated on white background Photo via

No doubt steel is one of the strongest metals and hence, is on number 2 in our list of top 10 strongest metals in the whole world. It is also one of the most commonly used metals coming attached with a lot of applications ranging from industrial to household.

Steel is made from another strong metal belonging to this list, i.e. iron. It is produced in blast furnace by melting iron and adding carbon to it.

In a blast furnace, iron is heated at a very high temperature. In it carbon is added to it. The addition of carbon enhances certain properties like toughness of the metal that comes in the end product.

There are different kinds of steels that vary according to their properties, composition and applications.

The colour of steel is whitish grey. The melting point is 1370 degree Celsius. The tensile strength is 5205 Mpa.

The many applications of steel include manufacture of buildings, infrastructure, in weapon industries, transportation, etc .

1 Tungsten

Top 10 Strongest Metals in the World
Tungsten–Photo via

The strongest metal on Earth is Tungsten. It is the strongest of all metals in its purest form.

All the properties of tungsten gives it an edge over the other string metals giving it the first spot in the list of top 10 strongest metals on the Earth.

Tungsten has the highest amount of tensile strength with yield strength of 941 Mpa. The ultimate tensile strength of this strongest metal is 1510 Mpa. Its melting point is 3414 degree Celsius. It has got highest meting point with highest density.

It is used in alloys with steel to make it apt for several applications. It is used in as a filament in X- ray tubes, for heating several elements in high temperature furnace, targets welding electrodes, super alloys, light bulbs, electrical applications, military applications and many others to mention.


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