World most strongest boy


World most strongest boy & The Strongest Kids In The World

15. Andrey Kostash – Can Do 6,000 Pushups

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Via wallpart

Via wallpart

Do you love push ups? You better believe Andrey Kostash does because his biggest claim to fame is the fact that at the age of 7, he completed 4,000 back to back push-ups in 2 hours and 29 minutes. This set a new national record in Ukraine, where Kostash is from.

If you thought the record of 4,000 was impressive, Kostash was actually disappointed at his end result. He later admitted that his personal best was 6,000 consecutive push ups.

Andre trained for the event since he was 5 and wanted to try and challenge himself. Kostash has aspirations to be an actor and also does martial arts and gymnastics. Kostash is currently being managed by his father, but not much is known about how he is doing in 2016.

14. Yang Jinglong – Can Move a Van

Via viralplots

Via viralplots

Yang Jinglong is currently living in the Anhui province of China. At the age of 7, Jinglong is one of the heaviest people on our list weighing in at around 110 pounds. His parents said they knew he was special when he was 9 months old and was able to lift an 11-pound oil drum.

Jinglong has put that weight to good use though and that oil drum is far from the last of his impressive feats of strength. One of the most eye-catching may be when Jinglong decides to carry his father on his back, piggyback style. Even more impressive when you consider his father weighs almost 200 pounds.

Jinglong has also had videos posted of him carrying upwards of 220 pounds worth of cement. Last, but certainly not least, Jinglong has also been seen tying a rope around his waist and then hauling a 1.85 ton minivan down the road. At least they know what to do in case it breaks down.

13. Maryana Naumova – Bench Pressed 331 Pounds At 15

Via girlswithmuscle

Via girlswithmuscle

Maryana Naumova hails from Russia and may very well be the strongest teenage girl in the world. She may be 17 years old now, but when she was only 15 years old she participated in the “Arnold Classic” and bench pressed 331 pounds. Noted for her accomplishments, Naumova was the first ever female that was under the age of 18 to participate in the tournament. She has currently set over 15 world records and is officially considered to be the “Master of Sport of Russia, International Class.”

Naumova’s life is not without controversy and in 2016 she was disqualified from her participation in the SSP Nutrition Pro Raw Bench after a positive doping test. As a result, she was also suspended for two years from lifting.

12. C.J. Cummings – The Michael Jordan Of Weight Lifting

Via wsj

Via wsj

C.J. Cummings is one of the most exciting weight lifters in the world, and he is still only 15 years old. His biggest claim to fame came when he competed at the USA Weightlifting National Championships in Dallas and won a gold medal in overall total with 674 pounds lifted. This included a clean and jerk of 386 pounds that set an American men’s record. All this despite only being 5’2″ and weighing 152 pounds.

“There’s never been anybody that strong at that weight and that age that ever lived in America. Ever. If you related it to basketball, C.J. would be Michael Jordan,” said former USA Weightlifting President Dennis Snethen.

Despite all of his accomplishments, Cummings is still a humble kid, saying in a past interview “People have come up to me and asked for my autograph and I’m like, ‘Me? For what?’ All of this is crazy to me. I’m just like any other 15-year-old kid.”

11. Naomi Kutin – Squatted 215 Pounds When She Was 10

Via jewoftheweek and eatandexercise

Via jewoftheweek and eatandexercise

When Naomi Kutin was 9 years old, she broke a world powerlifting record. She holds the record in squat, bench press, as well as deadlift for women.

By the time she turned 10, she could squat 215 pounds which was more than twice her body weight. Doing so broke a record that had previously been held by someone who was 4 times older than Kutin!

Naomi is active on social media and constantly informing her fans with updates. Sadly Naomi suffered an injury last month that caused her to pull out of the “100% Raw 2016 World Championships.”

She also has the badass nickname of Supergirl, which is also the title of her documentary that came out this year. When talking about her love of the sport, Naomi said “It’s fun and is a very good exercise. I always beat the boys in sports at school.”

10. Liam Hoekstra – Condition Gives 50% More Muscle

Via pinterest and listcult

Via pinterest and listcult

When Liam Hoekstra was adopted, his parents were warned that there could be medical problems because he was a premature birth. But as he was growing, all they found unique was that he was eating a lot of food, but was not gaining a tremendous amount of weight. Probably because he was using all that feed to turn into a beast!

By the age of 5 months Liam was able to support his own weight and do an iron cross move. By 8 months old he was doing pull ups, and at 9 months was going up and down stairs.

Hoekstra suffers from myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy which causes his muscles to grow quicker. This condition is rare and was first discovered in 2000.

The condition leaves him with more than 50% more muscle than other kids his age. He could do rapid push-ups at the age of 3 and does not appear to have any medical issues. Hoekstra also appeared on the show World’s Strongest Toddler.

Hoekstra is currently 9 years old and it was also reported that he was a pretty damn good wrestler on his school team. I suppose being half super-human probably has something to do with that.

9. Arat Hosseini – Can Do Press-Ups With 15 Pounds On Back



Arat Hossaini is the youngest person on our list, but that just makes him all the more adorable! He may only be 2 years old, but he’s already turning heads with his abilities.

Hosseini currently lives in Babol, which is located in Iran’s Mazandaran Province. You may also be amazed to hear that his parents say he just practices for around 10 to 20 minutes a day.

Videos posted of Hosseini show him being able to complete full 360-degree spins on a trapeze. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Hossaini has also been shown doing splits while also holding all of his weight off the ground.

Hosseini has also been seen doing press-ups while holding a 6.5kg weight over his back. Despite the weight being over half of the average weight of a typical two-year-old, you can imagine Hosseini makes it look like child’s play!

8. CJ Senter – Sold Workout DVDs, Doesn’t Lift Weights

Via beautyhealthyguide

Via beautyhealthyguide

While there are a lot of people on this list that lift weights like it’s going out of style, CJ Senter avoids lifting because he knows it can be dangerous for younger people. And when you consider he came under attention when he was 10 years old (back in 2011), you can definitely understand why he would be concerned. Instead, CJ has built his jaw-dropping body through eating healthy foods and other means of exercise. When talking about his diet, his dad Carlos said, “He doesn’t really eat candy, I have no idea why.”

CJ is also known as “The Workout Kid”, a nickname earned after his workout routines were posted to YouTube and he began selling workout DVDs. His exercises are geared towards making working out a fun activity for kids his age.

You can imagine he has good motivation for wanting to stay in shape, as he has said his goal one day is to play in the NFL.

7. Jake Schellenschlager – Still Getting Jacked, Can Deadlift Over 400 Pounds

Jake Sdhellenschlager took inspiration from his father, a former bodybuilder, when he started hitting the gym at 11 years old.

When he was 14 years old, he entered a contest in Pennsylvania where he bench pressed 205 pounds and squatted 225 pounds while only weighing 119 pounds. He was also able to deadlift 175 pounds at the age of 11 and now is able to deadlift over 400 pounds.

When talking about his motivation, Jake said “I keep lifting to get better and better. My goal is to keep progressing and to eventually be able to deadlift four times my body weight.” Jake also announced on Instagram 4 weeks ago that there is currently a documentary in the works about him.

6. Cosmo Taylor – Training Since 11, 6.5% Body Fat

Via purebreak and viralityfacts

Via purebreak and viralityfacts

When it comes to bodybuilding, it’s clear that there is amazing talent all over the world. In Britain, there may not be a more eye-popping young bodybuilder than Cosmo Taylor. Now 16 years old, Taylor’s father and sister (who is 4 years old) are both competitive bodybuilders as well.

Cosmo is just starting to get to the age where he can start entering competitions, but he said he has been training since he was 11 and has never suffered any significant injuries. When talking about people’s reaction to him, Cosmo said “Some people want to see my abs, see my arms, they think it’s really cool. Some people even want me to be their personal trainer!

I think it’s quite funny, but they’re always supportive, asking me if I’ve got any events coming up – there’s a really good atmosphere.”

Taylor recently took to Instagram to show off his muscles, as well as brag about his 6.5% body fat.

5. Kyle Kane – Lifted 308 Pounds When He Was 12. Nicknamed “Little Arnie”

Via sekkun

Via sekkun

When you get the nickname “Little Arnie”, how do you not get included in this list? When Kane was only 12 years old he became the strongest boy in his age bracket when he lifted 22 stones (308 pounds), which was more than twice his own body weight.The previous record was 236 pounds, so Kane clearly was beasting it on this day.

Kyle started kickboxing at the age of 4 and by the time he was 9 was a black belt. When talking about his love of weight lifting, he said “’I just want to be as muscly as I can be. Hopefully one day I can train in the Olympics or compete in the World’s Strongest Man but failing that, I’d like to be a professional bodybuilder like my dad. People may think I’ve been pushed into weightlifting, but I wouldn’t do anything I didn’t want to do. I do this because I love it. Other kids my age hang around the streets, I like to train. It feels sensational to have broken a world record. It’s not something many 12-year-olds can say they’ve achieved. But this is just the beginning I want to keep breaking records and setting a new world record every year if I can.”

At the time, Kane was able to shift 600 pounds with his legs, bench press 200 pounds and deadlift 309 pounds.

4. Varya Akulova – Started Training When She Was 4 Days Old

Via thaibuffera

Via thaibuffera

When Varya Akulova was born, it was clear that her parents had big plans for her. Her father Yuri and mom Larysa were both professional weightlifters that met each other when working in a traveling circus. Yuri started training Varya when she was 4 days old, saying in an interview “I was determined right from the start that our tiny Varya would become the strongest girl in the entire world….[I] tied heavy bolts to her arms and legs, so that as she moved around in her cot she had to use her muscles.”

When she was 18 months she was participating in the circus, by the time she was 4 she was able to lift 56 pounds and by 5 she was able to lift an astonishing 196 pounds.

She’s only moved up from there and at 14 years old was able to lift 660 pounds. Some experts believe her strength also partially comes from special genes that were passed down through her ancestors.

When talking about her life, Varya said “People might think it’s strange to find I’m so strong. They probably think I should be into clothes, makeup and music – girlie things like that. But I’m happy with my life. I just have to be careful around my friends, though. I pushed a boy at school who was teasing me and he flew several yards through the air. I don’t know my own strength.”

She continued, “I enjoy it all…the training, the traveling, the competition and the crowds. I love my life. And one day I will be an Olympic champion.”

3. Richard Sandrak – 600 Pushups, 300 Squats, and 1% Body Fat

Via repsindonisia

Via repsindonisia

Richard Sandrak is from the Ukraine and began exercising at the age of 2. He is considered by many people to be the “original strongest boy.” By the time he was 6 he could bench press 180 pounds. When Sandrak was growing up he would routinely work out with his father. Though I don’t think anyone would blame his father if he could not keep up with Sandrak’s daily regimen of 600 pushups and 300 squats. It is no wonder he had a body fat of under 1%. Sadly, Sandrak was not the happiest child and has said he did not have time to establish friendships because he was too busy working out.

Nicknamed “Little Hercules,” he also appeared in the documentary The World’s Strongest Boy. Sandrak is now unrecognizable, working as a stuntman at Universal Studio’s Waterworld show.

2. Dylan and Jessica Best – Exercises 240 Hours a Week

Via huffpost and daikhlo

Via huffpost and daikhlo

Dylan and Jessica, along with their father Nick and mother Callie, appeared on the TLC show The Strongest Family In The World. Probably a pretty good precursor to landing a spot on this list. In the documentary, it is claimed that the family trains up to 240 hours per week. Dylan routinely deadlifts 130 pounds, and when asked about it said “Working out is like my coffee in the morning. If I don’t do it, I don’t feel right.”

Jessica is 46 pounds, and 5 years old. It is recommended they train with 1 pound weights, but she can lift up to 100 pounds! Nick is also a regular competitor on the Strongman circuit, which is also where he met Callie.

When talking about his daughter Nick said, “People think it’s weird that Jessica can lift double her body weight. But she loves doing it and she isn’t hurting anything.”

Proving that she truly is a 5-year-old, when asked her motivation for working out Jessica said, “I wanna be like my mommy because she’s pretty and strong.”

Nick eats 10,000-15,000 calories a day, but he is far from the only one to beef up in the food department. The whole family eats constantly, including 10 dozen eggs every single week.

1. Guiliano and Claudia Stroe – Just Look At Them!

Via youtube

Via youtube

From Romania, Guiliano (on the left in the photo) is dubbed the “World’s Strongest Boy.” If it isn’t clear from looking at him, Guiliano says he loves pumping iron over the summer so that he can make a shocking appearance when he returns back to school.

In 2009, he recorded in Guinness for record “fastest ever 10-meter hand-walk with a weighted ball between his legs. If that wasn’t impressive enough, he can also hold the human flag 1 minute, 32 seconds and do 41 muscle-ups.

Father Lulian Stroe moved them to Florence by showcasing them in a show, but the plan was not a success. As a result, they moved back to Romania and are dealing scrap metal. Their plans are to move to Britain in hopes of getting more attention.

Many people have called out the family for making the boys train in an unhealthy way, as the father constantly pushes them to exercise.

Younger brother Claudia started following in his brother’s footsteps when he was only 18 months old. While not as impressive, he can do vertical push ups and human flags, as well as the splits in between metal rings.

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