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List Your Tourism Business on WORLDSSTONE.COM. As a WORLDSSTONE.COM tourism operator or manager of one of the following business types. You may be eligible for a business listing on WORLDSSTONE.COM :
  • Provincially licensed accommodation
  • Provincially licensed campground
  • Attraction
  • Artisan studio or gallery
  • Outdoor businesses (i.e. parks, beaches, golf course, outdoor equipment rental, etc.)
  • Trail
  • Tour operator
  • Taste of WORLDSSTONE.COM member restaurants

Accommodation and Campground Licensing

Accommodation operators wishing to participate in Tourism marketing and partnership programs are required to have a valid license under the Tourist Accommodations Act and must demonstrate quality by participating in quality accommodation programs.

How do I get my business listed or add information to my business listing?

You can request a business listing or make additions or edits to your business listing on WORLDSSTONE.COM at any time throughout the year by contacting Osman at or +1 849 642 75 09.

What can I submit for my listing on

Operators are encouraged to provide:

  1. Extended Description
  2. Business Tagline Text
  3. Google address for map
  4. Phone
  5. Email: This Email is not for public
  6. Send images to present your buisness online.
  7. Specific Price OR Price From & Price To
  8. Business Hours: Day and Time
  9. FAQ Questions and Answers: Helps to people understand your buisness.

  If Operators want to share on business page:

  1. Website URL
  2. Twitter URL
  3. Facebook URL
  4. LinkedIn URL
  5. Google Plus URL
  6. Youtube Channel URL
  7. Instagram Profile URL
  8. Youtube Video URL Any specific Youtube Video?


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  • A detailed description about their business (i.e. accommodations and amenities; various tours available, etc.)
  • Provide information on the area of the province where you are located
  • Include highlights of interest for a visitor that may assist with travel planning.

Photos & Videos

Strong, compelling images and video increase the chance a user will click on your operator listing and purchase your product or service. Website users love visuals – they want to see before they purchase or book. On WORLDSSTONE.COM, operator business listings showcase images and video to sell your product and motivate the visitor to book, call or click through to operator websites.


Photo requirements:

  • Minimum of one (1) photo and a maximum of ten (10) per listing.
  • All photos must be in .jpg format.
  • Ideal photo resolution/quality is 140 dpi and in landscape format.

Video requirements:

  • Videos must be of your business and show what a visitor will experience.
  • Videos must be loaded on YouTube.  Please be sure that the YouTube video is open to the public so it can be viewed on the YouTube player on WORLDSSTONE.COM.
  • We can accept URLs for videos as well as the direct URL for your business’s YouTube channel.

Tourism WORLDSSTONE.COM staff will crop your photos to ensure the best possible photo is displayed in your listing. Please email all photos and YouTube video URLs for your business listing to with your business name in the subject line.


Social Media

Connect with visitors via social media channels by providing links to you business’ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, blog, accounts etc. within your operator listing.

‘Book Now’

Tourism operators using secure online booking engines can have the ‘Book now’ button appear on their WORLDSSTONE.COM business listing that will link directly to our or their preferred booking system.


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To submit updates or for any questions, please contact Osman at or +1 849 642 75 09.

TripAdvisor Ratings

Share customer ratings and reviews on TripAdvisor to help give visitors confidence in choosing your product.

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real estate republica dominicana center of caribbean

We have many various partners offering accommodation all over Dominican Republic, guesthouses, apartments and hotels. We set our own standard, and check out each location on regular basis to see if the meet yours and our demands.
We only offer guesthouse accommodation if private facilities are available with each room. Privacy and comfort are key factors in getting enough rest, and none should go on holiday with out getting rest, that is the whole point.
Comfort Hotels
Comfort Class Hotels are generally categorized as 3 star hotels.
Superior Hotels
Superior Class Hotels are generally categorized as 4-5 stars hotels.
Companian can be arranged for all purposes..

Vip transportation available from and to anywhere within Dominican Republic.

Explore the Dominican Republic. Our economic and luxury vehicles have a capacity +4 passengers and allow the customer to take advantage of the door-to-door service at the beginning and at the end of their tourist experience.




Looking for a hotel in Santo Domingo

Make Hotel Reservation For Free Tour and Save Up to 10% off Ramada Hotel Santo Domingo $69.98Ramada Hotel Princess Santo Domingo

Discover Santo Domingo and all Dominican Republic, Minutes from the beautiful Caribbean Sea, Ramada Santo Domingo Princess hotel is a destination unto itself. Ramada Santo Domingo includes the Princess Casino, two elegant banquet halls, and a trendy bar and restaurant, and offers easy access to business offices, shopping, and government buildings.



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